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The work of making a cigar box Teardrop


Depending on the model, prices will be varying, from 1500 SEK / 225 USD  /  140 GBP and upwards.

You have the free choice of neck, electronics and lacquer.

 Please  contact me for all further information.



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Why build a Cigar Box Guitar in the shape of a Teardrop – and lacquered in Metal Flakes?

Well, the Teardrop is unique in its shape – and in my private opinion, owns a miraculous beauty.

Then – coating it a’ la the 1960’ies Hagström, in Metal Flakes – is an  optimal crossover!

Say... doesn’t this contradict the whole basic idea of what the Cigar Box Guitar stands for?

The simple – the ‘Back to Basics’?

Well, once you took whatever was in hand, this is the roots – the beginning of Blues...

The earliest known Cigar Box Guitars were of course acoustic and three-stringed with cotton twisted into strings.

A couple of years into the 1900s electric microphones were fitted into them, together with other newfangled ideas.

All through the ages, the simple Cigar Box Guitar has evolved, nowadays perhaps not so pure and back-to -basics as it was at first.

 The root of it all – the Cigar Box, can be hard to come by today.

I have to search both high and low. As soon as I come by a suitable box – I will turn it into a new Basic Box Guitar.

As soon as I have a couple of different Guitars ready, they will be tested and filmed and shownhere.





My work with building new Cigar Box Guitars continues.

The prototype has just become lacquered and covered with a Metal Flake.

Currently it is fitted in with a traditional slender neck. Commonly chosen for the three stringed Cigar Box.

I will however, produce some with the more common neck, which means one can easily convert it into three, four or six stringed mode.

The standard neck I am currently fitting on to them, are hand made - custom built by professional guitar manufacturers and they are fitted on with a three string set.

This is easily converted into a sex-stringed mode.

My aim is to have the first ones ready before Christmas 2013.